Scanning Services

ADEC Solutions-USA operates one of the largest and most specialized scanning facilities in America. We produce millions of high quality color, grayscale and black and white images for our clients annually. By offering a wide spectrum of specialized services we can customize an image program tailored to meet your company’s requirements and TAT. Our high speed scanners and customizable scan programs coupled with our 100% image review guarantee will assure our clients receive the highest quality end product. As an integral part of our end to end document management solutions, utilizing ADEC Solutions-USA for your next scanning or document conversion give you access too many benefits including:

  • High volume bulk scanning to scan on demand
  • Document scan capabilities- all document sizes and paper thickness
  • Color, Grayscale and Black and White with dual stream output capabilities.
  • All image compression out puts JPEF, TIFF and several others.
  • 200DPI- 300 DPI
  • Customizable image enhancements
  • 100% image quality review and rescan programs
  • Fast TATs

Combined with our clerical, indexing and web based image archive product ROSS, ADEC Solutions-USA gives you cutting edge technology backed by over 15 years of image processing experience. Our internal document processing techniques have been refined to give you, the customer a superior end product at the best value and quality. Give us a call today for a free price quote for your next conversion project.